Have questions about STAMPEDE?  Hopefully we have an answer for you!  Contact STAMPEDE here for other questions.

What Size stage does stampede need?

Stage size minimum is 28’x 20′ and must be at least 3′ tall. This is to prevent large crowds from obstructing view of the show or falling into equipment on the stage.

What Type of Electrical Service Does STAMPEDE require?

The band’s production team requires a 60 amp, 220 VAC circuit with no upstream users of the main feed.  This ensures a consistently maintained electrical service during your STAMPEDE performance. The electrical service must be within 50′ of the stage deck. Please note, the plug must be a Nema 14-50r 4 Pole (3 straight, 1 round Earth) type receptacle. If electrical services aren’t available near the stage, a generator is acceptable; however, it must be 45kw or more, Whisper Quiet, and have a 60 amp circuit that is NOT wired for 240/440v. The band will also need the ability to ground at least 4 feet into earth. If you feel like your show would require a generator, please do not hesitate to reach out as we can help with this process. 
For full production specs, please review STAMPEDE’S TECHNICAL RIDER

What if my event is providing production services?

STAMPEDE has performed at numerous events where production services are provided. We ask that you contact management for a copy of the band’s technical rider. In most cases, a standard line array, subwoofer audio package, and mid-grade digital audio mixing console will be sufficient. The band may request to patch in their production consoles or to have their audio engineer and/or lighting director control the production. For full production specs, please review STAMPEDE’S TECHNICAL RIDER