Our Style

A big blend of styles meld together to become the STAMPEDE sound. From rock, country, blues, blue grass, jazz, pop, and others, STAMPEDE brings the perfect amount of variety to put on a show that appeals to everyone.


Our Story

STAMPEDE has been performing for audiences since 2005. Most notably since 2011, STAMPEDE has been turning up the volume at events throughout the upper Midwest.


Meet the Band

STAMPEDE is a 5-piece group of versatile musicians with a broad range of experience.


Michelle McBride

Vocals, Keyboard, Guitar

Michelle is a third generation musician and vocalist having studied vocal music professionally for more than seven years.  She is married to fellow band member Travis McBride.




Travis McBride

Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, Fiddle, Steel Guitar, Mandolin

Travis is a third generation musician who has been performing music for live audiences since age 7 starting on drums.




Gabe Schmidt

Vocals, Bass Guitar

A bass phenomenon! Gabe has several years of experience fronting a band
 called Strait Run with his brothers and dad.





Zach Thein

Lead Guitar

Zach has been playing blues, rock, and any type of music with a great guitar line for more than 20 years.





Cory McBride

Drums, Vocals

Cory is a high school band director by day and STAMPEDE drummer by night.  With years of musical training and a music degree from the University of Northern Iowa, Cory has extensive musical knowledge. Cory is a third generation musician first having performed on drums at age 6.





The Crew that makes each STAMPEDE show possible.  
STAMPEDE travels with dedicated audio engineers and lighting directors.


Mike Ellis 2

Mike Ellis

Lighting Director

One of the hardest working members, Mike is responsible for taking a STAMPEDE show and turning it into a concert atmosphere.



Brandon Zeadow

BZ Touring Agent, Audio, Lighting, and Stage Assistant

Based out of Nashville, TN, Brandon is a road warrior who has crossed North America numerous times working in stage productions and management.




Mike McBride

Audio Engineer

A 2nd generation musician with over 35 years of road and stage experience including 18 years working with members of STAMPEDE.




Next Steps…

You’ve met the band and crew. Ready to hear what they can do? Click Here –> Listen to Demo